Monday, April 23, 2012

Your Least Favorite Household Cleaning Chore

I am going to admit...I am a neat, clean and organizing freak! Yes, I do take my cleaning and organizing a bit too far, but I would rather have a clean and organized house than a messy unorganized one!

With that said, my hubby doesn't like me being so clean, neat and organized. He was raised in a house that was messy the majority of the time, so he sees nothing wrong with being messy around the house. (it drives me nuts!).

Today we were talking and he told me his least favorite household cleaning chore is when he has to clean the toilets. I would have to agree with him...I hate cleaning them too and I do it every 3-4 days!

Another cleaning task that I really hate is cleaning the mini blinds! What a pain in the arse they are! It is so time consuming to take them down, spray them down with cleaner and then hose they off. Wait for them to dry and then hang the suckers back up. Ugh!!!

So today, we would love to know which cleaning tasks you absolutely hate doing around your house? Which room in your house is the room you hate to clean?

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