Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Updating the Dog Tags

There is one thing that I know gets overlooked in my house and it is the dog's tags. I mean to get them updated and the license paid every couple of years, but honestly, I do forget. I was playing with my dog the other day and took a look at his tags and realized that I could hardly read his name and the contact info on his tags was unreadable too. That would not be a good thing should something happen!

Louie is a big part of our family and he does go with us on vacations and day trips. I know that I would not forgive myself if something happened and he was lost because I did not update his tags. But then I was thinking that the same thing would happen anyway. The engraved area that holds the contact information would get rubbed off and unreadable again. What is the point with that? I need to find someone that does custom dog tags for dogs that can help me with better ideas on this.

So I went online to look for some dog tags for dogs and there are some very cool options that I did not know existed. I found a site that works with dog parents to manage your dog’s whereabouts online with their own doggie website should they get lost. It allows you to contact multiple people immediately though text messages, email, voice messages, twitter and other methods to help notify others of your lost animal and allows them to see vital info about your dog. It is kind if a neat concept especially if you are traveling and something happens.

I am going to get Louie a brand new dog tag with his updated info as soon as possible. I know that I will have more piece of mind about him traveling with us now.

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