Monday, April 16, 2012

Mountain Tunnel Phobia

A few weeks ago my husband and I took a road trip so that we could get out of the city and enjoy some quiet R&R up in the mountains. We ended up taking the Pennsylvania turnpike until we ended up at the luxury resort that we were staying at.

I love to travel and I prefer to travel by car (I love seeing our beautiful mother earth). Anyway, the drive was gorgeous until....we hit 3 mountain tunnels along the way. I have always been one of those people who hate to be in enclosed spaces and let me tell you, those mountain tunnels totally freaked me out! I did not enjoy going through them at all.

My hubby totally enjoyed them and got a real "kick" out of them! ugh! I seriously had to take Tylenol and close my eyes before we went thru the final one as I thought I was going to pass out. Seriously folks, I think I must have a "mountain tunnel phobia" or something!

Does anyone else have issues going through those mountain tunnels?

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